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My name is Avi Guirlli and I am a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires. I made aliya in 1998 and completed my specialization in the Educational Psychology Service of Jerusalem.

In 2002 I was certified as a specialist  in educational psychology. I also trained in couples and family therapy in the "Barkai" Institute and did an internship in family therapy at the "Shiluv" Institute in Jerusalem. In 2009 I was certified as a qualified family therapist.

As part of my work in the Educational Psychology Service I work with both regular and special education classes.

Since 2004 I run a private clinic where I do psychodidactic diagnostics, treat children and teenagers with learning disabilities and/ or psychosocial problems and provide advice to parents.

I speak 3 languages: Hebrew, English and Spanish, and I am experienced in working with diverse populations such as secular, religious, Orthodox and new immigrants.

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